Giving Online

St. James Lutheran Church

Please note that it is not our intention for you to change the way you currently give to St. James.

The online giving link is intended primarily for the use of persons (friends of the church, former members, etc.) who are not living in the local area or temporarily out of town but who wish to give designated, restricted, or unrestricted gifts to support the mission of St. James Lutheran Church in Sumter SC.

This new giving capability is enabled through, an organization that provides infrastructure services to churches and is endorsed by the ELCA. All giving transactions are handled by, your credit card provider, or your bank. Those who wish to use this service need to create an account with and will need to provide either your credit card information or bank account/routing information for secure ACH (Automated Clearing House) electronic payments/automated money transfer transactions.

Online Giving Instructions

  • Use Signup in upper right corner to create a personal, secure account.
  • Login on subsequent visits.
  • Use the “To:” pull down menu to select from the four SJLC primary fund options.
  • Optionally, create a recurring offering using either:
    • Credit Card (Card Number, Expiration Date & CVC) or
    • Bank Account ACH fund transfer (Routing & Account Number)

Online Giving Fees

The processing fee cost of each transaction can be deducted from the offering amount, which decreases the amount received by St. James, or it can be paid by the giver (“Cover Fees” check box lower left of transaction page), which increases the amount given by the percentages & transaction fees shown above based upon the transaction method choosen.

  • This online giving option has a cost for each transaction. The 2022 processing fees the ELCA negotiated with are:

  • 2.3% + .25 cents per transaction for giving using VISA/MC or Discover credit cards

  • 3.5% + .25 cents per transaction for American Express (AMEX) ,

  • 0.5% + .25 cents per transaction for ACH (direct from your bank) transactions.

Text Giving (text-2-give) is currently not an available option used by SJLC.

Please be aware that an online account setup with can be deactivated, however, you currently cannot delete your personal account information registered on their website.

If you wish to know more about the online giving option, please contact the church office, Administrative Assistant, at (803) 773-2260 or through the CONTACT US page form for additional information.