A Brief DESCRIPTION of each of our 2013 church ministry teams is featured below, as well as their members and church counsel liasons. If you are new to our church, feel free to e-mail any of our staff members to introduce yourself, or just to ask a question. Also, click 'Council Members' above for photos and names of our church officers and Church Council representatives.

The Care Ministry Team

This team provides care through the Stephen Ministry, the Parish Health Team, and remembrances with cards.

  • Council Liaison - Susan Caukins
  • Lay Eucharistic Ministers - Ann Reynolds
  • Stephen Ministers - Pastor Getz & Cheryl Schmeling
  • Greeting Cards - Nancy McElveen
  • Homebound CD Ministry - Joann Bruce
  • Homebound Visits - WELCA/Pastor Getz
  • Transportation - Harold Chandler

The Christian Education Ministry Team

This ministry team shall oversee the conduct and promotion of the school(s) and other educational activities of the congregation.


  • Council Liaison - Art Nerheim
  • Sunday School - Shelley Crawshaw
  • Catechism Studies - Pastor Getz
  • Vacation Bible School - Shelley Crawshaw
  • Christmas Program - Vacant
  • Graduation/Confirmation - Vacant
  • Nursery Attendant- Cathy Epps
  • Library - Scott Palmo
  • Archives - Lu Davenport, Helen Bultman & Susan Caukins

The Fellowship Ministry Team

The mission of this team shall be to assist the pastors and Congregational Council in nurturing a Christian atmosphere of care, love, and fellowship within the congregation.

  • Council Liaison - Elizabeth "Sam" Beck
  • Young Adults - Vacant
  • Youth Ministry - Elton Hallman
  • J.O.Y. Group - Carol Ziecker
  • Women of the ELCA - Karen Hesselbart
  • Lula June Circle - Carol Ziecker
  • Suber-Bultman Circle - Judy Lessard
  • Rebekah Circle - Vacant
  • Lutheran Men - John Kinser

The Mutual Ministry Team

This team supports the ministry of the pastors and members by providing a forum for discussion and mutual accountability. Members:

  • Counsel Liaison - Brian Crawshaw
  • Team Lead - Karen Hesselbart
  • 2015 Council Nominating Committee Chair - Brian Crawshaw

The Property Ministry Team

This ministry team shall maintain and plan improvements to the church facility.

  • Council Liaison - Ray Ziecker
  • Maintenance - John Kinser
  • Sexton - Rebecca Sylvester
  • Administrative/Office Work - Stephanie Turner

The Spiritual Growth Team

This ministry team enhances spiritual growth through retreats, Via de Cristo, and an Intercessory Prayer Ministry.

  • Council Liaison - Lisa Bratton
  • Prayer Fellowship - Judith Terry
  • Via de Cristo:
    • Men's Group - Vacant
    • Women's Group - Vacant
  • Retreats/Workshops - Pastor Getz
  • Bible Studies - Pastor Getz
  • Small Group Leadership - Vacant

The Evangelism Ministry Team

This ministry team creates and promotes an engaging church with a hospitable and friendly environment that is welcoming to visitors and members.

  • Council Liaison - Vacant
  • Evangelism Team Leader - Vacant
  • Communications Team Leader - Jim Bradshaw
  • Events - Vacant
  • Food/Clothing/Social Ministry - Judy Lessard
  • Greeters - JoAnn Bruce
  • Habitat for Humanity - Susan Chandler
  • Kairos - Harold Chandler
  • Missions - Mildred Tietjen
  • Volunteering/Serving - Bill Ketterer

Sub-Team Members and Recommendations:

Scott Palmo, Janet Turner, Tim Wagner, Cathy Simpson, Carolyn Brandt, Sam Price, Hugh China and Bob Bessel

The Stewardship Ministry Team

This ministry team shall provide support to the congregation on all financial matters and stewardship. The Treasurer shall be a member ex-officio.

  • Council Liaison - Brian Crawshaw and Tony Meyers
  • Treasurer - Glenn Hesselbart
  • Stewardship - Vacant
  • Finance/Budget - Bob Bessel
  • Audit - TBD by Council

The Outreach Ministry Team

The mission of this team is to assist the pastors and the Congregational Council in informing the congregation, community, and church-at-large of the mission and ministries of St. James Lutheran Church. This team shall also extend Christian compassion and helpfulness to the ill, the aged, the orphaned, the underprivileged, the imprisoned, and, in general, to persons of all ages in need of aid in body and soul. It shall strive to enlist in these efforts as many as possible of the individual members and organizations of the congregation. This team shall further have the duty to study social conditions, primarily in the local community, in order to bring the cleansing and healing light of Christian truth to bear upon critical problems through thoughtful Christian discussion of facts and issues. This committee shall provide information about, and encourage support of this congregation's local, national, and worldwide ministries.


  • Council Liaison - Vacant
  • Local Missions - Judy Lessard
  • Global Missions - Mildred Tietjen
  • Webmaster - Jim Bradshaw
  • Habitat for Humanity - Susan Chandler
  • Kairos (Prison Ministry) - Harold Chandler & Glenn Hesselbart
  • Sumter Community Groups:
    • United Ministries - Judy Lessard
    • Shepherd Center - Vacant
    • Light of Hope - Vacant
    • Community Care & Counseling - Vacant
    • Food/Clothing Distribution - Judy Lessard

    The Worship Ministry Team

    The mission of this team shall be to assist the pastors an Congregational Council in providing for the highest quality in the congregation's worship, and to involve as many members as possible as participants and leaders, according to their spiritual gifts.

    • Council Liaison - Pastor Keith Getz
    • Team Leader - Judith Terry and Arletta Price
    • Sunday Mornings:
      • Altar Guild/Sacristans - Judy Pollock
      • Acolytes/Crucifers - Karen Hesslebart
      • Children's Sermons - Karen Hesselbart
      • Greeters - JoAnn Bruce
      • Lay Readers - Dot Weishuhn
      • Liturgist/Communion Assistants - Jim Bradshaw
      • Sound System - Gary Bratton/Karl Harbath/Elton Hallman
      • Ushers - Tony Myers
    • Music:
      • Choir - Bill Scobee
      • Music - Kay Rasmussen
      • Handbells - Cheryl Schmeling
    • Wedding Coordinator - JoAnne Lee & Kim Strange
    • Funeral Coordinator - Judith Terry & Arletta Price
      • Advisors: Lu Davenport & Helen Bultman

    The Youth Ministry Team

    The mission of this team shall be to assist the pastors and Congregational Council in nurturing a Christian atmosphere of care, love, and fellowship within the youth of the congregation.


    • Council Liaison - Elizabeth "Sam" Beck
    • Youth Ministry:
      • Children's Ministry - Karen Hesselbart
      • Kids of the Kingdom -Laura Getz
      • Junior & Senior Youth - Elton Hallman


    It takes a lot of great people to make a great church.
    We are fortunate to have some very dedicated folks providing leadership at St. James.
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