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Curriculum and Teaching Strategies

St. James Lutheran School teaches by precept and example to meet the learning styles of all its students. The A Beka Christian curriculum, supplemented by Concordia's Bible curriculum and South Carolina State Standards, is utilized. By teaching the whole child in all dimensions - academic, spiritual, physical, and character - each student is equipped for successful and meaningful learning. Educational strategies are hand-on, creative, relevant, personalized, and age-appropriate. Classes have low student-to-teacher ratios and are conducted in a caring, secure environment. Chapel is held weekly, with daily Bible lessons held in each class. Academic studies include phonics, reading, writing, math, social studies, science, health, music and art. Cooperative work and play habits are reinforced throughout the curriculum. One component of the St. James Lutheran School curriculum that greatly enhances learning is its focus on enrichment. The school participates in frequent educational field trips, integrates enjoyable hands-on activities that correlate with specific learning goals, and utilizes citizens throughout the community as resource experts. Daily music is integrated through song and Playtimerhythm. Dance, musical instruments, and signing are also incorporated into the music program. Art activities are a regular part of the program. SJLS is blessed to have Mr. Ray Davenport, a local Christian artist, share his expertise with the students on a regular basis. Additionally, St. James Lutheran School is blessed to have volunteers every day. These volunteers give unselfishly of their time, talents, and love to provide enriching experiences and one-on-one assistance. With its superior team of staff, resource people, pastors, and volunteers, SJLS offers progressive, meaningful, and relevant educational experiences for every child. St. James Lutheran School has an open school policy. At any time during school hours, a student's parent or guardian may come for a visit.

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