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St. James Lutheran School staff is blessed with a diversified group of professional, dedicated teachers. Our returning staff includes:Helen Arnemann (Mrs. "A", Assistant for 3-Year Olds, but works with all classes); Brandy Mullennax (PS2); Elaine Cameron (4-Year Olds); and Chris Rogers (1st Grade).

2011-2012 St. James Lutheran School Staff:

Mrs. Brandy Mullennax ~ Director of Education and Curriculum

Mrs. Brandy Mullenax ~ PS2 year old teacher
Mrs. Helen Arnemann ~ Mrs. A ~ paraprofessional
Ms. Paula Underwood/Mrs. April Rhinehart ~ K3-year old teacher
Mrs. Elaine Cameron ~ K4-year old teacher
Mrs. Carol Phillips ~ K5-year old Kindergarten teacher
Mrs. Chris Rogers ~ 1st grade teacher
Mrs. Becky Thompson ~ 2nd grade teacher


2011-2012 Extended Care Program Staff:

April Rhinehart ~ Director of Extended Care Program (ECP)

Jennifer Robinson ~ Extended care provider
Angela Wineburner ~ Extended care provider
Paula Underwood ~ Extended care provider


All SJLS teachers are South Carolina certified and continue their education keeping up-to-date with research on and strategies for early childhood development.

Brandy Mullennax and SJLS StudentsChris Rogers, 1st Grade TeacherCarol Phillips, Kindergarten Teacher.Elaine Cameron, four-year-old teacher. Amy Baker, 3 year old teacher and Mrs A, teacher's assistantSharing the excitement as SJLS Jewels receive a shipment of bells from the Polar Express.

Extended Care ProgramSt James volunteers help a student on Grandparents Day.


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